Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Street Fighter

This illustration is a tribute to my wife Laura who, at eight years old, bravely street fought the older boys at the local family restaurant arcade. No amount of exhaustive and futile button mashing could keep her from returning to her parent's table for more quarters.

She has the heart of a true street fighting champion.


barry said...

Early 90's...great times!

Daniel Chong said...

On her toes no less! Pretty hard core.

Freckles said...

great blog! i really love the wallpaper :)

Chris said...

Good for you, little Laura of the past!
It takes guts to face down the local street fighter bully...especially if they crowd your side of the machine and their mullet hair gets in your eyes.

frankie_flow said...

Eric, how old are you drawing? You have very expressive characters!

i draw not very long, and your pictures teach me! thank you very much!